Classifier Milling Systems Corporation

Processing Equipment Manufacturer in Orangeville, Ontario

16 Tideman Drive, Unit 4 Orangeville, ON L9W 6N4

1 (905) 456-6700

Classifier Milling Systems Corporation

CMS Profile & Business Focus

Classifier Milling Systems is a design engineer and OEM manufacturer of industrial and environmental materials size reduction milling systems. More than anything else, CMS is a solutions provider with a proud history of dealing with processing issues in diverse industries and across a wide range of materials for 30 years.

A consistent result of our design engineering experience in wide-ranging production environments is the valuable experience gained, which aids us in identifying value-based solutions across industry sectors. For example, what we learn from developing solutions for a sugar processor may find its way into an engineering solution for a pharmaceutical company, powdered coatings manufacturer, or mining company. At CMS, our goal is to engineer optimum results, nothing less.