Digisplint Inc.

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Digisplint Inc.

About Us

If you, or someone you know, has to wear a splint every day for the rest of your life to slow down or stop the progression of deviation caused by Arthritis, or any other affliction that affects the movement of your fingers, or that causes pain to your fingers or that causes hyper mobility of the finger joints, then you will be excited by what you’re about to see.

We manufacture finger splints that do not even look like splints. They are effective, beautiful, practical, and durable since they are made of sterling silver or 10 karat yellow gold. They are not in any way bulky or unattractive. They do not draw unnecessary attention to your hands like the thermal plastic splints offered through Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Clients love our splints and wear them every day. Therapist love our splints because compliance is no longer an issue and their clients enjoy wearing the splints that are needed to make a difference in their lives.