Sin on Skin Tattoo Studio

Tattoo shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia

@ sinonskintattoo

5239 Blowers St, Halifax, NS B3J 1J8

(902) 446-6600

Sin on Skin Tattoo Studio

Sin on Skin Tattoos is a long-standing, AWARD winning, highly rated tattoo studio. Operating in the heart of downtown Halifax since 1998. Prior to Sin on Skin, we had been known as Skintastic Tattoo Studio. One of the oldest and the highest rated studios in Halifax. It was the first and only tattoo studio to ever be certified (inspected) as well as recommended by the Board of Health.

At that time and in the present, we hold our standards higher; ensuring we provide a safe experience at the studio. We are also one of the few studios that have fully private and air-conditioned rooms for our clients. Outstanding customer service and artwork will make this a tattoo experience to remember and keep you coming back for more.

All artists in the studio have "Blood-borne Pathogen & HIV Certification" (Universal Precautions Training), COVID precautions training and certification, and a full understanding of the necessary safeguards for cross contamination prevention.

All tattoos are done by fully trained & experienced independent artists, producing top quality work. Some of our artist's now offer "Vegan-Friendly" and "Gluten Free" ink choices for our clients. We ensure all clients receive a friendly, relaxed, professional experience, in a safe and sterile environment. We use only the best equipment and inks to create our artwork.

Keeping our clients happy, has been our secret to a long success in this industry. It's also allowed us to form strong connections to our clientele and their families over the years; giving them full trust in our abilities, sterilization process, quality of equipment, and artwork.