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About Us

A New York rental car company you can trust and rely on, AAMCAR is one of the leading NY car rental companies and enjoys an excellent reputation in the Upper West side of the city, through to Manhattan and beyond.

Part of the reason we are so popular is that we don’t believe in landing our customers with hidden charges. In other words, the cost you are quoted when you call us is what you pay on receipt of your vehicle – regardless of whether it’s a passenger van, mini van, sedan or SUV etc. And this is despite the fact we are one of the cheapest NYC car rental firms around.

Having survived in the NY car and van rental business for nearly three decades now we always knew we were doing something right. However it is the loyalty of our regular customers – many who have been with us from the start – that convinces us it is our fair pricing and customer service which leads to us being at the top of our game.

We realize that speed too is of the essence, of course. And because of this we always make sure you get your booking in plenty of time so that you turn at your chosen location unfazed and without a hair out of place.

Meanwhile, as a company we are delighted with the results of a recent CRX Consumer Study which showed that past customers of AAMCAR here in New York would be happy to rent a vehicle from us again, as well as recommend the AAMCAR name to their friends and relatives.