Benefits of Being Verified

Verification puts a stamp of approval for businesses demonstrating:

✅ Customer Satisfaction

✅ Outstanding Service

✅ Business Leadership

✅ Strong Vision

Verification provides consumers with reassurance and peace of mind, ensuring them that businesses have attained a level of credibility that meets or exceeds performance criteria developed by the (CBRB) Canadian Business Review Board Inc.

Prospective clients factor a business' verification status, designated by the (CBRB) Canadian Business Review Board Inc., in their decision to engage in transactions with businesses.

(CBRB) Canadian Business Review Board Inc. is exclusive and differentiates your business from competitors. Only businesses that meet selection criteria are offered membership, feature profiles, and the opportunity of being promoted through our Brand Awareness Program.

Brand Awareness Program (BAP)

We offer our Verified Members a variety of online marketing resources and services including promotional videos and social media campaigns to help our members showcase the strengths of their brand and build consumer engagement.

Verified Business Members get their business information listed online on the (CBRB) Canadian Business Review Board Inc. Best Businesses Directory.

Verified Business Members also have the right to display the (CBRB) Canadian Business Review Board Inc. logo, as well the issued Verification Certificate.