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Blue Pacific Window Cleaning

About Us

If you live in Hawaii, it’s only natural that you’d want and expect beautiful, crystal clear views. And you’d probably also want to get those beautiful blue views using the safest, most effective method that protects the structural integrity of your home without harming the environment.

That’s why Blue Pacific Window Cleaning uses only the most advanced, environmentally-friendly techniques to achieve sparkling results. It’s the reason why some of the most iconic homes on the North Shore of Oahu use Blue Pacific Window Cleaning for their window cleaning needs.

Out commitment to getting the cleanest windows possible all starts with using the purest water possible to clean your windows. It’s a process we call DI/RO water cleaning. The DI stand for “De-Ionized” and the RO stands for “Reverse Osmosis.” This RO/DI water cleaning process results in the purest possible water, as it’s been filtered and cleaned of any possible contaminants. We believe that, when you’re cleaning windows, it’s absolutely critical to only use the purest form of water.

The results speak for themselves. Windows cleaned using the DI/RO system are the cleanest on the island. That’s why our motto is “cleaner water, cleaner windows.”

Moreover, of all the window cleaners on the island, Blue Pacific Window Cleaning is the only one that uses the patent pending Jet Trigger system. We’ve figured out a way to get this purified water to places no one else can.

Also with the use of our Water-Fed Poles we can clean your exteriors. That’s an important detail to keep in mind, since it means we don’t need ladders to clean even the tallest floor-to-ceiling windows. With Water-Fed Poles, it’s possible to clean windows that are as tall as 3 stories high. That means there’s no chance of scraping, scratching or otherwise harming the exterior of your home.

The combination of those two factors is the reason why some of the most beautiful homes and commercial properties on the island trust us to keep their home exteriors clean. Just check out the portfolio of homes and residences that use our services

Blue Pacific Window Cleaning also offers an additional cleaning service for the exterior of the home we like to call power washing. This is not the same thing as pressure washing, which is known to cause damage to the outsides of buildings and also leave behind unsightly streaks and stripes.

In contrast, Blue Pacific Window Cleaning uses a process known as power washing that is more akin to giving a building a bath than trying to force off accumulated dirt and contaminants with a high pressure spray. The secret is to pre-treat the structure first and then use heated water to clean the exterior. The result is a stunning clean without any wear or tear to your home or business. Thanks to this process, it’s possible to clean away damaging salt spray and other contaminants that accumulate on windows and walls.

Ultimately, your home is an investment. By taking time to regularly clean your home and windows with the bluest, purest water possible, you’re protecting the value of this investment. And, better still, you’re ensuring that you and your family will have crystal clear views of this small slice of paradise.