Computer Support and Services in Orlando, Florida

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About Us

Micro Systems Design, Inc. d/b/a JoeTechie has been servicing the greater Orlando area legal community for over 15 years. We provide specialized services that cater to the needs of our law firm clients. Most notably, we have developed working relationships with many of the legal software vendors, allowing us to provide customized, turnkey service to our clients.

We are able to assist with choosing and purchasing software applications for case management, litigation support, and document/imaging management ("Paperless Office"). As most business owners are aware, upgrading or purchasing new software sometimes requires hardware upgrades and other changes to their technology. Because of our close relationship with these software vendors, we know ahead of time what our clients will need, and we are better prepared to meet that need.

In addition to our niche field of legal information technology, we also specialize in complete network systems including specialized design, wide-area/branch office networks and extended wireless connectivity. Keeping our clients connected is one of our most important jobs.

As our clients know, there are always issues when technology is involved, however minor, due to the very nature of computers. To that end, we also provide server and workstation integration/configuration as well as computer sales, support and repair services. We pride ourselves on providing quality components for your firm’s systems.

The most recent addition to our portfolio of services is website design. We have always provided hosting and email management services, but with our recent expansion we’ve been able to add website design services as well. Our design services include Adobe® Flash® media as well as graphics, logos, layout and design services.

The most important part of what we do is our relationships with our clients. We build lasting relationships because of our dedication to the highest level of service. With over a 90% client retention rate, we feel confident we’ll be the last tech you’ll ever need to call.