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Drafting service in Calgary, Alberta


188 Brightondale Parade SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 4N8

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About Us

Mc2Design Ltd. was created on the principle that the process of creating a space should be fun. Bringing a client's vision to reality shouldn't be daunting; enjoy the journey. We are a fun, laid-back group with personable personalities, which, with just the right amount of caffeine, makes us a real treat to be around. Our knowledge and experience in doing what we are truly passionate about is just an added bonus.

​We bring over 30 years of experience working on a variety of projects, ranging from small residential additions to multi-unit condo buildings and full scale commercial and industrial developments. Due-diligence and full scope review from the onset are keys to a successful project, and we strive to set and maintain those goals throughout the design-permit-construction process, all while keeping our clients updated and happy from project start through to completion.

​We want to make sure we are the right team for your project, and we understand that visions don't always align, which is just fine. Our goal is to have a client-designer relationship that is open, collaborative, successful, and of course, fun. Let's grab a coffee. It might just be the start of something exciting.