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Rainmakers Business Solutions

Global Thought Leader & Influencer

Jackie Rainforth, Founder of Rainmakers Business Solutions, is a multi-million dollar sales expert, author, international speaker, and media host with decades of experience working with corporations elevating their sales and customers service to record-breaking levels of success!

Now you too can work with this award-winning industry sales trainer! A near-death scuba accident in 2016 changed her world. Her passion is to ensure that all people, whether new to sales, seasoned veterans, business owners, or self-employed entrepreneurs who want to serve others, have the same access to her highly successful techniques, processes and love of selling and customer service!

Self-employed entrepreneurs have the same access to her uniquely simple, highly successful, modern techniques, processes, and proven systems, but most of all her ability to motivate and inspire people to love selling and serving others as much as she does.


57% of sales teams are not meeting target!

Continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee.

Organizations who use formal processes earn 28% more than those who do not.

Are you facing:

Overwhelming competition?

Hard to find customers?

Slow to decide clients?

The explosion in technology has made it almost impossible for us to stand out amongst the noise. At Rainmakers, our strategies are simple. Our customized, incremental, and accountability training programs focus on:

Differentiation – the small things that lead to competitive advantage

Customer experience – creating the touch points that matter

Step-by-step repeatable processes which lead to increased confidence.

What’s in it for you:

The KPI’s, revenue and ROI your organization needs.

Practical and easy to implement skills and processes to elevate to higher levels of success.

Generate more leads, close more deals, and create more revenue as you increase sales effectiveness.

Build stronger rapport and relationships for repeat, referral, and long-term clients.

Empower your team with the Rainmaker’s techniques they need to create their own confidence and success.


50% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years!

85% of business owners do not have formal sales training!

Selling can be uncomfortable and awkward BUT it doesn’t have to be! Learn to promote your product or service, increase your sales and grow your business with ease and confidence.

What’s in it for you:

Learn the Rainmaker’s signature simple step by step, repeatable processes that you can use to confidently and consistently grow your business.

Discover the proven Rainmaker’s system to grow your business without frustration and fear.

Know the Rainmaker’s high-level techniques of what to say and when to say it – so you feel confident as you promote your business.

Learn the simple steps to find more paying customers and earn more money.