Oakville Academy For The Arts

Dance school in Oakville, Ontario



1011 Upper Middle Rd E E8, Oakville, ON L6H 4L2

+1 (905) 844-2787

Oakville Academy For The Arts

About Us

The Oakville Academy for the Arts is annually voted Oakville's Best Dance School, Music School, Summer Camps, PA Day Camps, and Preschool. As we celebrate our 14th year, The Oakville Academy for the Arts has grown to become one of the largest Arts Education Centres for children in Canada. Our mission is to provide a safe, enriched and exciting setting for children as they are introduced and nurtured in the arts and embraced by the community.

Our commitment and passion for arts instruction has created a thriving environment providing rewarding experiences for children of all ages. Children as young as two and a half are introduced to the arts in a fun, creative and age appropriate setting where they are given the opportunity to experience and grow while making new friends. We recognize that students learn at a quicker pace and find the arts more rewarding when they have fun and are encouraged along the way.

The Oakville Academy offers classes from the most fundamental and recreational levels through to programs designed for competitive, professional and university preparation. We take great pride in providing the very best in curriculum, faculty and facility. Our curriculum presents extensive opportunities in the following categories:

Six and Younger Programs

Dance (Recreational and Competitive)

Royal Academy of Dance Ballet

Vocal Instruction

Instrumental Instruction

Preschool, Jr & Sr Kindergarten

Musical Theatre

Fine Arts

Seasonal Camps & Workshops

Birthday Parties