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Elite Coaching

About Us

Nothing better than personalized training in our Montreal gym with an experienced private coach to get you in shape, lose fat, regain your muscle tone and take control of your body for good.

Push your limits with the expert knowledge of our personal trainers. Through customized training programs, they will transform your hard work and determination into noticeable results.

They will help you get in shape and improve your performance through several techniques:

Body weight training

Lifting weights

Fitness and conditioning equipment

Training on turf

Nutrition advice and healthy lifestyle counseling

Our private coaches are trained to get you to lose belly fat, and to help you regain your energy and self-esteem.

For fitness, opt for an experienced personal trainer who knows and understands your needs. You will quickly see noticeable results thanks to the best personal training gym in Montreal!

Come train in a high-end environment, motivating and personalized.

Our gym and fitness equipment, as well as the follow-up of our coaches, allow you to achieve more.

In addition, we can train all levels (from beginner to expert). So, you do not have to be an athlete. All you need is motivation to succeed!

In consequence, our gym is perfect for several situations:

if you are struggling to reach your goals

if you want to gradually get back in shape

if you are uncomfortable training in places that are too busy

if you need to be motivated

In addition, our programs include the nutritional component. Our coaches give you advice to guide you to healthy lifestyle habits.

Discover the best place to get back in shape in Montreal at the heart of the Mile End: Elite Coaching!