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Rainbow Immigration Ltd.


Rainbow Immigration Ltd. is a reputed immigration consultancy organization providing specialized services relating to Immigration, Education and Settlement in different countries around the world. Rainbow is a professional Consultancy firm and is equipped with the state of Art Communication network and has a strong team of seasoned and competent professionals tasked for Immigration, Work Permit, Visitor Visa and students visa / education abroad, under the dedicated leadership of Mr. Raman D Sood (Certified Immigration Practitioner, RCIC-ICCRC and Oath Commissioner of Manitoba) as its Managing Director. Our office has an excellent infrastructure to back it up with viable plans of serving its clients.

We have a professionally competent team with in depth knowledge and a thorough comprehension of all the legal aspects of Immigration policies/practices- the world over. We have established a dedicated training cell for deserving students enabling them to acquire fast track study visa services in a hassle free manner.

Our well-educated counselors screen the students, including their documents, thoroughly and guide them about the existing courses, culture and educational environment in different countries. We keep in mind the prevailing trends/requirements of the host country in terms of its development and trained work force. Hence, the Counselors’ advice makes it easy for the students in exercising their choice for various courses and location(s) of study. The training team ensures that the students are taught in batches (as per the group’s need) and trains them in their English expression (Written and Verbal). They are couched for Visa Officer’s interview, apart from being taught, every vital aspect of following the code of conduct of the anticipated country, where they wish to stay for the required duration/purpose.

Similarly, our Immigration, Work Permit, and Visitor Visa Cells ensure that all legal formalities are strictly adhered. We work out with a well-planned and tested course of action and all documents are meticulously planned and prepared keeping in view the legal framework requirements of the country of immigration.

Last, but not the least, prior to signing an agreement, we make a background check on the various organizations where our clients wish to shape up their future plans. Hence the organizations we choose, give workable option(s) for our students to pursue their careers avoiding any mid way course corrections.