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Career Plus Immigration Consultants Inc.

About Us

For nearly a decade, Career Plus Immigration has been in the leading position of delivering proactive and trustworthy immigration services. Aligned with immigration policies and regulations, we provide our clients with the most recent information on immigration changes, as well as the various programs and pathways accessible, aiming to enhance and simplify their immigration matters.

Our unique approach gives a sense of relief and trust in clients, nurturing strong relationships through professional and authentic services. We specialize in handling refused applications and offer a comprehensive range of services, including spousal sponsorships, family class applications, temporary residence applications, humanitarian and compassionate grounds applications, deportations, inadmissibility issues, appeals, temporary resident permits, permanent resident services, Canadian citizenship applications, reconsiderations, and additional services such as statutory declarations and affidavits. 

Team of our Regulated Immigration Consultants ensure reliable assistance based on applied knowledge and expertise customized to each client's immigration situation.