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Grit Interiors

About Us

I help successful professionals, just like you, to create homes that they're proud of and that they're excited to come home to, through eDesign interior design.

I also provide Virtual Interior Design Assistant services to busy industry experts, allowing them to free up time and focus on what excites them most about their interior design business.


strength of character | passion | perseverance


I've had a passion for interior design for as long as I can remember. My collection of interior design books and subscriptions to industry magazines started when I was very young...and keeps growing.

A formal education from the Interior Design Institute followed, where I received a Diploma of Interior Design. Most recently I've become a Certified eDesigner and a Certified Design Virtual Assistant through the eDesign U.

This collection of learning and experience provides me with the right skills to help you with your home or interior design business.

I'm thrilled that virtual interior design allows me to provide eDesign Services and Virtual Interior Design Assistant Services to you, wherever you may be, anywhere throughout Canada and the USA.


authenticity | honesty | integrity | quality service | respect


Sophisticated. Elegant. Timeless.