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Facing a criminal charge is often overwhelming. It can be one of the most stressful experiences in your life, and is often unexpected and confusing. At times, you may feel as if no one is on your side. You do not need to be afraid: You are not alone.

Our criminal justice system is founded upon the principal of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and we are here to assist you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our results driven approach and understand that each offence is unique requiring its own personal touch.

If you or someone you know has been criminally charged, or is concerned about the possibility of arrest, we are here to help by providing sound advice and zealous advocacy. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation.


Rory Ziv is a well-qualified and highly experienced criminal lawyer. He was born and raised in Cape Town, a beautiful city at the southern tip of Africa, in a country divided along racial and social lines. Through observing conflict between people and their government, he grew to realize that he wanted to fight for fairness, truth and justice. With him, it’s personal!

He obtained a Psychology Degree, with honours, from the University of British Columbia and his law degree from the University of Alberta. He fell in love with Edmonton and trained at a prominent impaired driving and criminal defence law firm. After obtaining his law license, he began building his criminal law practice accepting all types of cases in order to broaden his knowledge base. He has trained many students, most of whom have continued in the profession to have successful careers. He also volunteers many hours of his legal services to those in need.

As Rory’s practice has evolved, he now conducts some of the most serious cases, including murder, complex sexual assaults, drug crimes, and dangerous offender applications. Rory still has a keen interest in impaired driving law and carries a large case load in this area. In fact, many of his reported decisions are on this topic.

Rory subscribes to the maxim that “A healthy mind needs a healthy body” and he enjoys swimming and cycling. He has a goal of cycling from Edmonton to Vancouver. He also loves to spend time with his active border collie, appropriately named “Justice”.

With Edmonton Criminal Lawyer Ziv on your side, you can be assured of the best attention to your case and the best possible verdict. It’s a firm you can trust when you’re in trouble to help you through to the other side. They have a track record to prove it. You can contact them with confidence.


The Canadian justice system is founded on the principal that all people accused of a crime are innocent until proven guilty beyond all shadow of doubt. While being charged with a criminal offence can be frightening and overwhelming, you can rest assured that if you are innocent, The Ziv Law Group will defend you.