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WINNERS OPTICAL Brings you the latest in fashion and brand name products at up to 80% off of retail prices.

With locations in Canada and the US, we are able to serve both the US and Canadian markets.

** Due to high Call volumes, We now ask all our online shoppers to place your orders online, and not call our 1-800 number anymore. A chat line has been setup online, for all online order inquiries.

Why our Lenses and frames?

1. Up to 80% Off

We offer you the best selection of brand name and non-brand name Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Safety and Sports wear. So next time you are out shopping for your next pair of Eye Wear, we suggest you search the product on our online store. Chances are you will find the exact same product at a fraction of the cost. Even if you cannot find the exact same product, all you have to do is send us an email and request the product you are looking for. We will send out a quote to you in less than 24hrs.

So How Can We Offer you Such Great Prices?

We buy in volume. Our large buying powers from all the major designer companies, allows us to pass on the savings to you. We also specialize in buying over-stock, end of the season, and going out of business inventory from all other retailers.

2. Authenticity

We have direct contracts with brand name and non-brand name frame and lens manufacturers. We make sure every piece of our inventory is authentic and shipped to you from our warehouse in Canada.

If you shop elsewhere and your shipment of new Eyeglasses or Sunglasses arrives to you NOT from North America, but from overseas, then you can be certain that the product you have received is not Authentic.

So why is Authenticity so important?

It all boils down to your vision.

Your new pair of Eyeglasses or Sunglasses should withstand the many elements of abuse, such as heat, cold, humidity, sweat, drops, temple or front bending, opening, closing, tarnish or corrosion resistance, and outdoor weathering from the sun.

Material used to make authentic frames and lenses are of higher quality and cost, and can withstand the many elements of abuse such as leaving your sunglasses in the extreme heat of the summer in your car.

All non-authentic frames and lenses are cheaper, and hence made of cheaper quality material. A frame that is made out of cheap quality material can easily loose its shape and twist, causing the lens to twist and cause distortion in your vision. A low quality lens may have local distortions or prisms that contribute to blur or discomfort.

This can lead to headaches, nausea, and fatigue of your eye muscles. Such fatigue causes continuous stress on your eyes, and your eyes go through more prescriptions changes in shorter periods of time.

So next time you are shopping for your new eye wear, keep in mind the source its coming from. Paying less means you are getting products that look original, but are not recommended for the health of your eyes.

3. Brand Names

So are brand names more popular, despite the higher sticker price?

Brand name manufacturers use the highest grade material in the manufacture of their frames and lenses. UV protection, visual clarity, distortion free lenses, frame quality, and ultimately your vision is their utmost priority.

Brand names have a reputation to keep, and stand behind their products with warranties. They are also known to provide you with better fit and comfort, while providing reliability and long lasting products. Brand names also look and feel nicer, and talk fashion and your personal sense of style.

Our lower price non-brand name frames also go through our extensive Quality Control Testing Checks to ensure that excellent quality materials are used for manufacturing the frames. After all we have your best vision in mind as well, and will not sell you low quality frames made from materials that would bend and twist upon exposure to personal and environmental abuses such as cold, heat, drops, bends, twists, etc..., causing distortions in your lenses and hence distortions in your vision.

4. Our Lenses

Our Lenses are Freeform High Definition (HD) Lenses, Personalized according to your Needs.

Precise and Accurate production of lenses to meet your individual specific needs have to consider many factors. For example think how each frame sits differently on your face, or how each frame is shaped differently. Some are more rapped around your face, and some are more straight. And how about how the frame tilts the lenses. As each of us have a different face shape, different frames sit differently on our face, resulting in different distances between your eyes and the lens.

Our sophisticated Lens manufacturing designs, consider all these parameter changes, and produce for you, lenses that are fit for you, considering your face shape and frame shape.

Once lenses are produced, best quality coating layers are applied to each lens. This is a long and time consuming process, as best results can only be achieved with proper spraying and drying times. Quick coatings that are enforced with quick drying times and high temperatures, such as what is offered in 1 hour service labs (dried in a microwave), can result in low quality coatings. Such coatings do not perform well and crack and peel off a short while after you purchase them. Microscopic spider web cracks produce distortions and result in eye strains, headaches, and prescription change.

WINNERS OPTICAL exclusive lenses are manufactured according to the highest industry standards. Manufacturing high quality lenses require the use of large, and sophisticated machinery. That is why we do not offer 1 hour services out of our retail locations.