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140 Woodbridge Ave Unit 11, Woodbridge, ON L4L 4K9

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Market Lane Optical

About Us

As an independent retailer, the professionals at Market Lane Optical are highly discerning when it comes to the quality of products dispensed to our loyal patients and clients. Our team strongly values interpersonal relationships and compassion toward others and maintains this by taking the time to educate and consult with each individual, addressing their needs and providing the very best technology that the industry could offer.

We prioritize our patients' vision care, no matter the situation and will go the extra mile to accommodate the wide range of requests from our patients. We place the highest priority on our patients’ ocular health and our clients truly appreciate our efforts.

Forming a new culture in the industry, Market Lane Optical has established itself as a leader of advanced eye care and unique eye wear. In the span of three years attending to the needs of patients from the Woodbridge/Vaughan area, Market Lane Optical has taken home several achievements highlighting their performance and ability to provide exceptional care and service. These awards include the illustrious and highly coveted Top Choice Optical Centre in Vaughan 2020, the Consumer Choice Award for opticians and optometrists in the York Region, and ranked as having one of the top 3 optometrists (Dr. Alan Ng) in Vaughan.

By excelling in establishing and carrying out our vision and philosophy of providing quality products and premium services, we have created a distinct brand that have attracted patients and clients from near and far. We have clients and patients from all over Canada and some of them even come from the United States for vision care at Market Lane Optical. These loyal clients and patients have come to appreciate our meticulous work ethic and expertise, allowing us to ensure accurate orders, provide up-to-date and valuable patient education, unique and high-quality eyewear, cutting-edge lens technology and coatings, and most importantly, exceptional customer service.

Our strong reputation is the result of the hard work and effort from our dedicated team. We look forward to expanding our mission to provide advanced eye care and unique eye wear with the inauguration of our second clinic in Vaughan, scheduled to open during Summer 2020. We ensure that our clients and patients are satisfied by staying true to our vision and philosophy. We are and will always be proud to be involved in bringing the importance of vision care to the forefront of our community.