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Cascadia Dog Training Inc.

About Us

I’m ready! Let me tell you about my dog…

Obviously dogs have a bit of a different language than we do! But your dog can understand you and listen to you, and you can understand what’s going on inside that head of theirs.

We’ll show you how to encourage your dog to CHOOSE to listen and behave the way you’d like, rather than always acting on whatever they feel like doing at the time (like chasing that squirrel or jumping on your guests).

You might have been to an obedience class before where your dog learned tons, but you’re still having trouble with some behaviors.

What we do goes beyond what you’ll learn in a class while teaching your dog with treats.

We calmly and gently help your dog have a very clear picture of what you’re asking them to do (or stop doing!).

We’ll discourage unwanted behaviours and teach you how to keep them from coming back, all the while your dog is also happier understanding things so clearly.

Then your dog will be able to be an active part of your life. Imagine the freedom you’ll have to really enjoy having a dog when they listen – even around distractions and even when they have no leash on!

Yep, even your dog.

Learn more about Michelle’s story here, and what inspired her to help other families who struggle with their dog’s behaviours.