Kinnect Support Services

Social Services Staffing Agency in Toronto, Ontario

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Kinnect Support Services

About Us

Staffing & recruiting experts in  the social services sector:

Kinnect Support Services is a social services partner that provides trained staff support to various organizations in need of relief staff.  Our team offers superior support to Agencies, Organizations, and Institutions that work with adolescents youth, adults, and seniors who experience behavioral, social, emotional, physical, and psychiatric difficulties.

Our Staffing Selection Process:

Finding the right person to do the job is our top priority at Kinnect Support Services. We have an extensive recruitment process that is clearly reflected in the quality of candidates we select. During this time, we take a very detailed look at a pool of candidates who are qualified, and also provide training at no cost to the employer. We want to ensure that the support staff we provide are adequately prepared the moment they step foot in your agency.