The Run Lounge

Running store in Calgary, Alberta


144 2 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0A5

(403) 474-3588

The Run Lounge

About Us

Regardless of pace, all runners share two main goals: to stay consistent and to get stronger. The Run Lounge wants to help with that by offering access to high-end equipment, in a convenient location, for all levels of runners that focuses on recovery and performance. The Run Lounge wants every runner to belong and be a space where new friends are made and new goals are achieved. It’s a space for all.

We have created a hub where runners can start and end runs from, meet other runners, and feel a part of the amazing running community we have in Calgary. We also want to help runners make recovery a part of their everyday routine. And even better – do it with a running buddy in a beautiful, relaxing space. Our goal is The Run Lounge becomes a space that runners think of when they hear the words: recovery and performance.

As a competitive athlete who takes the sport of running seriously, I’ve learned the importance of recovery so that I can keep getting back out there. Most of my gains in the sport have been from being consistent for the past few years, and the biggest game changer for me has been ensuring I am recovering properly.

I also wanted to provide the running community with access to performance tools so they can get an upper edge on their running goals. Whether it be about getting faster, running more miles, or simply learning how to run better, The Run Lounge offers services to assist with these goals without breaking the bank or having to make a significant investment, personally.

I love being able to provide runners with a one-stop-shop for their recovery and performance needs while creating an enjoyable experience so that recovery and performance goals become an integral part of every runner’s day and they can be surrounded by like-minded individuals when they step foot in our doors.