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Pickleball Paddles Canada

About Us

Charles Neufeldt originated the concept for Pickleball Paddles Canada, recognizing the need for locally sourced pickleball equipment. Similarly, Phil and Ray Greenwood identified the scarcity of indoor pickleball facilities in Canada and opened a dedicated facility in Regina to elevate the sport's profile. Charles has excelled in developing Pickleball Paddles Canada into a premier destination for equipment and accessories, attributed to his exceptional customer service, prompt shipping, comprehensive selection, and profound expertise. Phil and Ray Greenwood have successfully managed the Bridge City and Queen Pickleball Hubs, amassing over 3700 members. Phil has contributed significantly as a board member of Pickleball Canada and Vice President of Pickleball Saskatchewan. Ray has been influential on the board of Pickleball Regina and played a key role in the 2023 Canadian National Championship's organizing committee.

Charles is also renowned as one of Canada's top men's open players and instructors, while Phil and Ray have secured several gold medals across multiple divisions at both Canadian and US National Championships. United by our passion for the sport and mutual respect, we have decided to join forces. Our aim is to become your ultimate pickleball resource, offering unparalleled service at competitive prices. We are eager to address any inquiries, confident in our comprehensive pickleball insight to serve as your foremost source of product information and more.