Grim Tattoo Studios

Tattoo shop in Hamilton, Ontario


196 Parkdale Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8H 5X2

(905) 544-1222

Grim Tattoo Studios

Premium Tattoo + Body Piercing Studio proudly located in Hamilton Ontario, featuring award winning guest Tattoo Artists from around the World.

GRIM provides the highest quality service and client experience, from the moment you walk into the studio until your tattoo or piercing is healed. We take pride in our work and we want you to take pride in being part of our family.

LGTBQ+ Safe Space. We tattoo ALL body types, ALL skin tones and ALL people. 100% Vegan Tattooing

Wheelchair Accessible.

Female Owned & Female Operated

Originally known as Grim City Tattoo Club, we have chosen to separate ourselves from the past and focus on our Future: High Quality Art, Superior Customer Service and Your Experience

Client Promises

I. We Promise a Safe Space to be Tattooed, Pierced or receive any Service we offer:

- We have cameras in all public areas

- We will never ask you to stay after hours alone with an artist unless there is another member of our staff present

- You may always bring one person with you for your comfort and safety (Covid affects this policy)

- You will never be asked to remove clothing without a valid reason and being offered proper coverings (pasties etc)

- We will discuss what you can expect before anything is done and you can ask questions and explain if you are not 100% comfortable with something.

- We will offer you a privacy screen or a "private" room for sensitive areas but you can invite a trusted person to be with you

- We will have a second member of a preferred gender present during consultations if they are not done in a public area or are in a sensitive area

- There are no cameras in the private rooms

- Cameras are only monitored by management and only stored for a week before files are erased

- We will never use your data for any reason but for contacting you for service related reasons (promotions, to confirm or change appointments, health and safety, aftercare etc)

- No artist or member of GRIM will ever make sexual or inappropriate comments at any point before, during or after your appointments

- No clients will be permitted to make sexual or inappropriate comments to artists, team members or other clients at any point or publically online on our social media accounts

- If you feel like a team member or client we work with has done or said something inappropriate - please contact Memphis privately at

II. We will ALWAYS do our best to respect Pronouns, Preferred Names & Your Specific Needs as an Individual, whether you are non-binary, trans, have mental or physical limitations, Are BIPOC, LGTBQIA+, if you have anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD or any other form mental health - we promise to be respectful, accommodating, welcoming and to do the best job possible, every. single. time

III. We Want You to LOVE Your Tattoo or Piercing: if you're unhappy with the work, reach out to us within 14 days and we will do whatever possible to ensure you are as proud as we are.

IV. We Guarantee Our Work: we offer a 90 day touch up on most tattoos if needed - please remember that no tattoo heals perfectly and we do not offer touch ups on hands, fingers, knees, feet, elbows or any other areas our artists advise you against.​​

V. Our Quotes won't Change: if we give you a price for a single session tattoo, we will honor our quote (within 25%)

Tattoo Aftercare

What to Expect

Some swelling, redness, bruising and/or tenderness

For the first day, blood & secretions of a clear or ink coloured film or "slime"

Scabbing, cracking, dry skin, flaking after a few days

Itching & irritation

Clothing & bedding may stick to the tattoo for the first few days

What to do

Leave bandage on for at least 24 hours and up to three days (as long as bandage seal over tattooed skin is 100% in tact - IF the seal is broken, IMMEDIATELY remove the tattoo *see below*)

Remove in hot shower, the heat and steam help loosen the wrap

Wash the tattoo thoroughly with unscented soap and water (NEVER use scented soaps, goats milk or any other type of cleaning product)

Dry with paper towel or allow tattoo to air dry

Always wash hands prior to touching the tattoo & keep the tattoo clean

Apply unscented moisturizer after 24 hours or when the tattoo starts to look dry & tight. Moisturize 1-2 times a day maximum

Do NOT over moisturize

Lightly slap the tattoo if it becomes itchy, never scratch or pick at the tattoo

You CAN shower with the wrap on the tattoo, as long as the seal is 100% over the tattooed skin

Stay Healthy: the healthier you are, the easier your body can heal

Keep bedding & clothing clean. Try to wear loose fitting clothing in a soft fabric

The less you do to the tattoo the better

If pimples appear, reduce the amount of moisturizer you are applying and/or use a non oil based product

Contact your doctor IMMEDIATELY if you develop a fever, the tattoo becomes hot to the touch, you start to develop spider web like veins coming from the tattoo, shortness of breath, dizziness or blurred vision

What to avoid

NEVER Pick at or scratch the tattoo

Do NOT soak or submerge the tattoo: avoid baths, long showers, saunas, hot tubs, pools and natural bodies of water until ALL scabs are gone. If you have to go into water, you can purchase additional waterproof wraps from GRIM Studios

Avoid the sun & sun tanning - especially when a tattoo is fresh. UV rays cause tattoos to fade

NEVER use products like Vaseline, coconut/almond/natural oils, essential oils, scented moisturizers, goats milk, Dettol, Betadine, Hydrogen Peroxide, baby oil, sea salts, epsom salts etc on a fresh tattoo

Do not over moisturize or clean

Do not allow jewelry or clothing to rub against the tattoo until completely healed

Do not use perfumes or makeup on the tattoo until completely healed

Thank you for choosing GRIM Studios.

We hope you had a great experience and we hope to see you again soon.

if you have ANY questions, concerns or issues- please contact us by calling us at 905-544-1222, Facebook, Instagram or email

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